Islamic Wazaif

Islamic Wazaif for Multiple Issues of Life

Now you can find Spiritual Solutions for Rohani ilaj & Islamic wazaif, Problem in childless, visa, black magic, spouse wife issues, and disappointment. The arrangements of all issue like as fallows, Business issue, Love Marriage: Problem in husband wife, Foreign travelling, the work issue, Problem in the study, Physical issue, Problem in family relations, Will full marriage, Problem in your affection, Promotions, cure for diseases and treatment of evil eye etc. Choose Qari Hassan Raza Sultani to resolve your problems. Allah Almighty will help you. Feel free to contact us on: WhatsApp, imo, Viber and Cell: 0092-3454811373 Skype: freewazaif786, Email: For Spiritual Help.

1: Wazifa For Successful Business or Job

Everybody require occupation or business for the life settlement and to secure the future If you have no employment or having a business, however, didn’t become quicker as you expected, then we give you an entire arrangement through Quranic wazaif, wazifa for fruitful business or employment for those whose are enduring. Some of our regular peruser’s grumbling that her/his rivals have done dark enchantment, or I have instructed no employment however since last numerous years as a result of my foes. We will give you the positive answer for your issue through Holy Quran.

On the off chance that you have no Job or your business are feeble of any reason then present Wazifa for Successful Business or Job Inshallah achievement will be yours soon. Trust in Allah and give the solid expectation to your wazaif. Some of our siblings and sister doing many wazaif for one issue that is no privilege due to it your expectation won’t stay on a similar point.

Amid Sunrise Recite Surah Rehman When you reach FABIAYYI ALAAEE RABBIKUMA TUKAZZIBAAN then every time raise your fingers of suffering one time prior and then afterwards make a DUA that O Allah as you give light and Glow to the SUN make my business and future like that. After the recitation of 40 days, you will see the supernatural occurrence before your own eyes.

Before each Wazifa Recitation Read 11 times previously, then after the fact Darood e IBRAHIMI Sharif. You can likewise contact for Business Taweezat, Removal of Black Magic done on your business, Secure your Business from Devil eyes or Enemies to wind up distinctly fruitful in your Life.

2: Islamic Wazifa Istikhara for Love Marriage

This wazifa will help you Insha’ALLAH to keeping in mind the end goal to pull in somebody towards you. You need to begin this amal on first Thursday of any Hijri/lunar month (Nauchandi Jummerat). At that point proceed with it for 11 days without avoiding any single day. On the off chance that menses/periods comes in the middle of the amal you can avoid those days and afterwards proceed from where you cleared out. So this amal can be begun on any day at whatever point you need. While remember that try not to be in the condition of polluting influence like menses/periods. There is no mischief in executing this in the condition of debasement yet it may not give you the coveted outcome.

Below is the Step by Step Method of Amal for Love Marriage:

1 – After Night Obligatory Prayers

  • Make an ablution
  • Recite Durood Shareef 3 times

2 – Sit on a Prayer Mat

  • Recite Ya Wadoodo 100 time (prayer beads)
  • Recite Ya Ra-oofo 100 times (prayer beads)
  • Recite Ya Raheemo 100 times (prayer beads)

3 – With Full Concentration

  • Again recite Durood Shareef 3 times
  • Pray for your purpose

Insha’ALLAH, ALLAH will get you to a right way.